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Our relationship with AZ Heat Tanning started with just a simple website re-design, but has since grown, and remained on-going for a variety of branding, graphic, print, and other design services.

Their previous website was 100% flash-based, this meant that end-users who didn’t have flash on their computer, such as in work environments or owners of Apple products using the iOS system, would see nothing but a blank page. Effectively, the website was broken and inaccessible online to most of their potential clients.

The scope of the project was to bring the website into compliance with modern design standards while implementing the modern, industrial feel of the salon into the site. Additionally, a content-management system and blog were also requested by AZ Heat Tanning.

The layout and coloration of the site are more modern, with the diamond plating background seen at the physical salon behind the reception counter. Rotating feature images give the visitor immediate, pertinent info regarding AZ Heat Tanning’s services, and a partial gallery of salon images at the bottom of the page invite the visitor to view more of the physical salon.

Project Features
  • Standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and PHP with jQuery/Javascript (no Flash) animations
  • Responsive website design
  • Content Management System with Blog integration
  • Gallery view of brick & mortar business location

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February 22, 2011